About Us

Simcoe Logistics is a dedicated, resourceful and enthusiastic third party logistics provider that brings over 10 years of transportation experience to service our customers.

From every freight quote we receive, we look at all options to present the best competitive rate that the transportation market has to offer without sacrificing the quality of service.

While building a strong rapport with our customers, we work extremely close with them to determine what their freight requirements are, and what will work best by selecting the right option through a network of hundreds of approved carriers across North America.

We always begin the shipment process by locating the proper equipment for each load based on the freight requirements. The appropriate truck is then dispatched for pickup at agreed date and/or time. As the shipment moves through the en route stage, our customers are always kept updated with daily reports by 11am until the shipment gets delivered and confirmed by the consignee.

At Simcoe Logistics, we want our customers to make that one call and let us handle the rest because in today’s supply chain industry, there are a couple of important factors to consider that Simcoe Logistics offers: Communication and Service you can rely on.